2005 SCORE Small Business Award Winner

Carl A. Cricco, Jr. first visited the SCORE office in November of 1997. Carl worked building decks and observed that there were no deck cleaning businesses on the Cape and that there were thousands of decks that needed cleaning and refinishing.

He decided to start a business cleaning and refinishing decks and based it in Yarmouth. He named the business DECK TECHS. He equipped his pick-up truck with compressors, holding tanks, hoses etc. in a manner that made him able to offer service efficiently. His business credo was to offer service on time and do quality work. Along with Carl’s capacity to work hard and consistently, his work ethic, equipment and quality of service, the business has expanded. He now has a full time secretary and two other employees.

Carl has recently started another business called ECO-CLEAN, which are environmentally sensitive cleaning materials for his cleaning services. He can be reached at (508) 398-1572.